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Henck Arronstraat 32
Paramaribo - Suriname

Meet our team in Paramaribo. 

Located in the capital of Suriname, we work hard everyday with clients from all over the world. We speak your language and love to work with you. Tell us your plans and we''ll get you up and running!

Marc - CEO

Marc is a devoted lawyer with over 25 years of entrepeneur-ship and a hands-on mentality, listening to the needs of your organization. He is able to use his network to bring together the right people to get the job done.

Charlene - business consultant

Charlene was born and raised in Suriname and has a master degree in Small Business from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Her career started in 2002 working in an Energy start up. She has since then worked for different Surinamese companies as Kersten and Torarica.  

Mitch - marketing and IT

Mitch is a marketing and IT specialist and followed the Spang Makandra course for new businesses in Suriname. A dedicated chess player, Mitch is our rock in the surf!

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