Setting up your business in Suriname with SUPAR consultants. 

Suriname is hot! While the world is in turmoil, Suriname offers space, friendly people and a bunch of opportunities for smart investors and entrepeneurs. We at SUPAR lawfirm can tell you all about realizing your business plans in this amazing part of the world. Whether in commerce, agriculture, oil- and gas or just setting up a small shop, we guide entrepeneurs and investors through the process! Get in touch with the business consultants at SUPAR and get your business in Suriname up and running now. 

Welcome to Suriname!

Suriname is a combination of tropical rainforest, roaring rivers, Dutch colonial history and is a friendly melting pot.

Suriname's economy has been struggling and entrepeneurship is challenging. But with the prospects of a booming oil industry, a sturdy gold mining industry and a respected lumber tradition, Suriname's future could look brighter than the last couple of decades.

Information from the Surinamese government is hard to find online and solid advice on how to get your business started is essential! We at SUPAR consultants can help you cut the red tape.

Is your business looking for opportunities in this fascinating country? We at SUPAR offer entrepeneurs and investors a variety of services for doing business. Feel supported by our team and get your business in Suriname up and running in no time. Suriname is bustling with other new business owners who - just like you - took the leap and never looked back!

Establishing a company

If you want to establish a new business, a variety of business structures are available, each with their own regulatory and liability considerations. Check with us (for free) what structure suits your business. Some businesses will need a permit, our office can assist you in the process.  

Registering as a branch of a foreign company

Foreign companies can do business in Suriname as a branch of a foreign company. You don't need to register a new company and the requirements are pretty straight forward. As with all Surinamese companies, a branch of a foreign company must be registered with KKF (Chamber of Commerce).

Acquiring an existing company

Let us hook you up with interesting leads and succesful entrepeneurs in Suriname. We have a vast network of contacts throughout the country. In Suriname it's not who you are, but who you know. Feel free to contact us at any time! 

Oil industry

Suriname produces an average of 17,000 barrels of oil per day. After Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba, Suriname is the largest oil producer in the Caribbean. With the recent oil discoveries and the estimate of yet to be discovered commercially recoverable oil fields, Suriname can undergo an enormous development.

Investors can participate in oil extraction by entering into a petroleum agreement with the state-owned company Staatsolie. Major investments are needed, which means that there are mainly investment opportunities for large multinationals in the oil sector. Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Total and Apache have the rights to explore in the Guyana Basin in Suriname. This offers opportunities for the supplying oil and gas sectors. Is your business looking for opportunities in the oil business? Get in touch with SUPAR at +597 884 9582. 

Permits and licenses for doing business. 

Some businesses will need to obtain a business permit or license. Check out this list to find out whether your business will require a permit. 
Get in touch with our office if you have further questions. Let us worry about the paperwork!

Suriname: investors' paradise

Check out our listings for the best investment opportunities in Suriname. 

Trademarks in Suriname. 

Your business might need to acquire a trademark in Suriname. Our office will guide you through the process. The trademark registration is valid for a period of ten years and can be extended another ten years. Find out more, contact our SUPAR office in Paramaribo! 

Doing business in Suriname

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